CHILDREN'S DIVISION: PreBallet A/B & Ballet 1-2

Where a lifetime of love for dance and music begins. 

PRE-BALLEt A (ages 3.5-4.5) & B (ages 4.5-6)

Students join our professional resident faculty for fun and exercise while learning basic ballet vocabulary and exploring a variety of creative dance movements. We encourage students’ lively imaginations in a supportive environment where we develop musicality, body awareness, motor skills, and flexibility. Students enrolling by Spring Semester (January 26, 2020) are invited to participate in our 2020 Spring Performance. Scroll down for dress code, tuition rates, and policies.

Pre-Ballet A: register for 1 class/week, $320/semester

Monday | 3:45-4:25pm    
Saturday | 9:30-10:10am  

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Pre-Ballet B: REGISTER FOR 1 CLASS/WEEK, $330/semester

Monday   | 4:30-5:15pm
Friday    | 4:30-5:15pm
Saturday    | 10:15-11am

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Each of the Pre-Ballet classes is capped at 10 students/class in order to optimize the classroom experience and provide individualized attention to our students. Once a class is full, new students will be placed on a wait list until a new class can be formed.

Dress Code for Pre-Ballet A & B dancers is: pink/flesh-toned tights and ballet slippers and any color leotard. Boys may wear black athletic leggings/shorts/tights and plain white T-shirts. Hair must be pulled securely off the face and neck. Proper ballet slippers (preferably the kind without drawstrings) are required and may be purchased at a local dance shop. Dancers must be potty-trained and be comfortable in a class without parents being present.

First steps in ballet education. Training the next great generation.

Entry-level ballet students begin to develop an understanding of proper ballet terminology, technique, and classroom etiquette in an environment that supports their emotional and physical development. Barre work is introduced and the joy of dance is cultivated and encouraged. Dancers work to perfect exercises and increase their ability to combine new steps. The quality and musicality of the future artist emerges.

Dress Code for Ballet 1 and 2: Girls must wear hair in a bun or similar updo secured tightly with hairpins/large barrette (consult YouTube instructional videos if unsure); pink/flesh-toned tights and ballet slippers (prefer style with no drawstring); black leotard. Boys should wear black tights and dance slippers, dance belt, slim-fitting white T-shirt that can be tucked into tights, long hair secured off neck.


ballet 1
AGE 6.5-7 (ages vary depending on previous WB Experience & Director approval)
1 Day/weeK Required, $340/semester

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Monday   | 4:10-5:00pm Wednesday | 4:40-5:30pm
Friday    | 4:30-5:20pm
Saturday    | 11:10-12pm Saturday | 1:30-5 Nutcracker Rehearsals

ballet 2
AGE 7-8 (ages vary depending on previous WB Experience & Director approval)
1 Day/Week Required, $375/semester

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Monday   | 5-6pm
Wednesday    | 5:30-6:30pm
Friday    | 5:30-6:30pm Saturday  1:30-5pm Nutcracker Rehearsals

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Wilmington Ballet’s 2019-2020 season of classes begins on September 3rd and ends May 31st. Each semester includes 18 weeks of classes. New students may enroll at any time during a semester and WB will prorate their tuition accordingly. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $40/student is due with the first tuition payment. We offer a 5% tuition discount when you pay for the entire year up front at time of enrollment. Discounts are also available for multiple family members (10% for first sibling; 15% for second sibling, etc.). Tell your friends and bring them with you to dance class! WB offers a 20% discount on your tuition if you invite a friend who enrolls with us for at least one semester.