Next Guild meeting: TBD


Wilmington Ballet is looking forward to another productive year supported by its exceptional Ballet Guild! The Ballet Guild typically meets on the first Saturday of each month at the studio.  See the WB web calendar for future dates and times.

The mission of the Ballet Guild is to support the efforts of the Artistic Directors and Faculty in making the experience of every dancer at WB an engaging and empowering one.  We realize that our success in achieving this mission is dependent on strong family and community engagement.

The Ballet Guild is open to dancers’ parents, family members, adult dancers, alumni and donors.  Through volunteerism, Ballet Guild members will support a wide range of activities.   Ballet Guild committees will be established for costuming, marketing, and social event planning.  Some immediate areas of focus for the Ballet Guild will be coordinating the 2019 Nutcracker volunteers. The Ballet Guild will conduct purposeful fundraising to support program and events for the dancers at Wilmington Ballet.

In addition to volunteer work, the Ballet Guild will provide a communication channel between the parents, faculty, and Board of Directors.  The Ballet Guild Chair will sit on the Board, in an ex-officio capacity, to provide feedback from the parents and adult students to the voting members.  For 2019-20 season the Ballet Guild Chair will be Carol Jacob.  In future years the Ballet Guild membership will nominate the representative(s) to be approved by the Artistic Director.