Where the dancer becomes an artist.


Serious dancers being to train for College dance programs and professional careers

Taught by our professional resident and seasonal guest faculty, dancers increase their vocabulary of steps, improve their strength and flexibility, and work on exercises with an emphasis on the mastery of technique and artistry. The introduction of Pre-Pointe, Pointe**, Core Conditioning, and Variety* classes help to make a well-rounded dancer and prepare them for success at future auditions. Dancers are encouraged to attend as many classes as they can. Director placement evaluation is required to enroll in these classes (please email us to schedule). See additional Boys Only Classes. Dancers are encouraged to participate in The Nutcracker and Spring Performance. Scroll down for tuition, fees, and policies.

**Pointe training requires director's approval and minimum class requirements. *Variety classes may include: Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, Tap for Ballet Dancers, Repertoire, Partnering, Stage Hair and Makeup, Dance History, Dance Vocabulary, Stretch, Music, and Drama. Variety classes will often be taught by guest faculty.

Ballet FGH
3 Days/week minimum
(3 Technique classes/week required to be en pointe)
4-6 days/week recommended

Click on your class to enroll:

Monday     | 5:30–7pm with 7-8pm Int/Adv Pointe (must take 5:30 class); 7-7:30pm Beg. Pointe
Tuesday     | 5:30–7pm
Wednesday     | 5:30–7:45pm Technique with Pointe/Variations
Thursday     | 5:30–7:45pm F and GH separate classes with Pointe
Friday     | 5:45–6:45pm Modern & 6:50–7:40pm Variety
Saturday     | 10–12pm Technique with Core Conditioning

The 2018-2019 season of classes begins on September 4th and ends May 31st. 32 weeks of classes will be held. New students may enroll at any time and their tuition will be prorated. Maximum of 20 dancers per class. Once a class is full, new students will be placed on a wait-list until a new class can be formed. Tuition is for 32 weeks of classes paid in full or charged quarterly (every 8 weeks). Tuition is $800 for one day/week or charged $200 quarterly. Tuition is $1400 for two days/week or charged $350 quarterly. Tuition is $2800 for three days/week or charged $700 quarterly. Tuition is $4000 (unlimited) for four, five, or six days/week or charged $1000 quarterly. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $40/dancer is due with first tuition payment. There's a 5% tuition discount for payment in full at time of enrollment. There are tuition and enrollment fee discounts for multiple family members. See our policies for full information on dress, enrollment, and fees.


Photos by Marcus Branch & Ali Gayle