Building solid foundations and helping students achieve their desired dance goals.

Wilmington Ballet’s professional resident faculty helps students build a strong technical foundation necessary to prepare them for the increasing versatility and physical demands of today’s dance world. As students increase their ballet vocabulary, strength, and technique, they graduate through the levels to more advanced skills like pointe work, repertoire (“Variations”), men’s technique, and partnering. The addition of Core Conditioning, Modern, and Jazz further develop well-rounded dancers and prepare them for success at future auditions. Students progress most rapidly when they attend the recommended (rather than minimum) number of classes advised for their level. Faculty continually evaluate students’ progress and will advance them to the next level as they are ready, regardless of the time of year. Director evaluation and placement is required to enroll in these classes (please email us to schedule). Students are encouraged to participate in performance opportunities, including WB’s Nutcracker at the Playhouse and Spring Performance. Scroll down for tuition, fees, and policies.


Ballet 3 and 4: Girls must wear hair in a bun or similar updo secured tightly with hairpins/large barrette (consult YouTube instructional videos if unsure); pink/flesh-toned tights and ballet slippers (prefer style with no drawstring); black leotard. Boys should wear black tights and dance slippers, dance belt, slim-fitting white T-shirt that can be tucked into tights, long hair secured off neck.

Ballet 5 and 6: The same rules apply as for Ballet 3 and 4, except that Girls may wear any color leotard to class and may wear skirts for pointe class and rehearsals.

Dance Bag Contents for Ballet 4-6: Resistance band of light-medium weight (yellow/red) that is 5-6 inches wide; Dance Journal (small lined notebook) and pen for recording goals and corrections; small sewing kit with sturdy thread (for shoe elastics/ribbons that come loose); extra tights/leotard for emergencies. Girls only (unless boy has long hair): Accessory bag containing hairbrush, hair elastics, pins, and/or barrettes sufficiently strong for hair type; hairspray/clips to keep bangs or fly-aways off face; *Pointe shoes is applicable (*Pointe training requires Director's approval and minimum class requirements).

NOTE THAT STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR JEWELRY/WATCHES IN CLASS AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN CLASS IF HAIR COMES LOOSE. Please consult YouTube instructional videos for help securing hair appropriate for ballet class (buns and hair nets are not necessary for class if barrettes/other options keep hair secure. Hair must stay in place when students jump and whip heads around quickly in turns).

2 CLASSES/week required $750/semester
3 CLASSES/week recommended

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Tuesday     | 4:30–5:45pm Ballet Technique
Thursday     | 4:30–5:45pm Ballet Technique
Saturday     | 9:30am-10:45pm Ballet Technique Saturday | 1-5:30pm Rehearsal

Ballet 4
3 Days/week required $1300/semester
3-4 days/week recommended Thursday Modern/Jazz Required

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Tuesday     | 5:45–7pm Ballet Technique & Pre-pointe/Beg. Pointe
Wednesday     | 4:30–6:30pm Ballet Technique & Pre-pointe/Beg. Pointe
Thursday     | 4:30–7pm Ballet Technique & Modern/Jazz **Required** Friday | 4:30-6pm Ballet Technique Friday | 6-7pm Possible Rehearsal
Saturday     | 10:45am–12:45pm Ballet Technique & Stretch Saturday | 1-5:30pm Rehearsal

Ballet 5 & 6
4 Days/week required $2000/semester
(3 Technique classes/week required to be en pointe) Thursday Modern/Jazz Required
4-6 days/week recommended

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Monday     | 4:30–7:30pm Ballet Technique, Stretch, Pointe/Partnering Monday | 6:30-7:30pm Men’s Class
Tuesday     | 4:30–7:45pm Ballet Technique, Pointe & Variations
Wednesday | 4:30-6pm Ballet Technique (B5 combined with B4) Wednesday     | 4:30–6pm Ballet Technique (Ballet 6 only) Wednesday | 6-6:30pm Pre to Intermediate Pointe (B5 combined w/ B4) Wednesday | 6:30-8pm Rehearsal
Thursday     | 5:45–8:30pm Ballet Technique & Modern/Jazz **Required**
Friday     | 4:30–6pm Ballet Technique (combined w/ B4. Optional for B6) Friday | 6-7pm Possible Rehearsal
Saturday     | 11am–12:30pm Ballet Technique Saturday | 1-5:30pm Rehearsal


Photos by Marcus Branch & Ali Gayle

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The 2019-2020 season of classes begins on September 3rd and ends May 30th. There will be two, 18 week semesters with a total of 36 weeks of classes. New students may enroll at any time and their tuition will be prorated. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $40/dancer is due with the first tuition payment. Maximum class size can vary depending on level. Once a class is full, new students will be placed on a wait-list until a new class can be formed. 

Tuition is for 36 weeks of classes paid in full or charged per semester (every 18 weeks). Tuition is $750 for two-three classes/week per semester or $1,500 for 36 weeks. Tuition is $1300 for three+ days/week or $2,600 for 36 weeks. Tuition is $2,000 for four+ days/week or $4,000 for 36 weeks. If Tuition is paid late, there will be an automatic $35.00 late fee applied. There's a 5% tuition discount for payment in full at time of enrollment. There are tuition discounts for multiple family members.