Policies            Please note: this page is under construction.

Enrollment and Classes

  • At the time of enrollment, each student will be charged an annual enrollment fee of $40. Enrollment fees may be waived if you register early. The enrollment fee holds your dancer's place in a class. Full classes may begin a wait-list. Wilmington Ballet reserves the right to cancel or shorten any class with fewer than 5 students registered or in attendance. The schedule is subject to change at any time and without warning. Inclement weather closings will be emailed, and posted to our Facebook page, Twitter, and Voicemail.

TUITION AND OTHER FEES - Please note: tuition is currently being adjusted and will be posted by July 1st

  • First quarter tuition will automatically be processed upon enrollment. Subsequent quarterly tuition will be charged at the start of each eight-week quarter unless administration is otherwise notified by email. A $10 late fee will be automatically charged if payments are not received within the first week of each quarter, and a $35 fee will be automatically charged for insufficient funds. Students will not be allowed in class if tuition payments are delinquent. Although the registration system requires billing information, boys on scholarship will not be charged tuition or fees. Tuition payments will be processed after office verifies correct class placement, appropriate fees, and possible discounts are assessed. There's a 10% tuition discount families with multiple dancers attending classes. The discount will be applied to the dancer enrolled in the least amount of classes. Separate tuition fees apply for Drop-In Classes, Master Classes, Special Events, Summer Camps, Intensives, and Workshops.
  • Tuition and enrollment fees are non-refundable. Full tuition is expected regardless of snow days, holidays, illness, or vacations. Refunds or credits will not be issued for classes missed in a previous eight-week quarter or for charges that occur on or after the start of the new quarter. WB extends its calendar of classes by a week to ensure dancers can attend make-up classes. Dancers may attend make-up classes at their same level only.
  • There is a non-refundable $100 performance fee charged to participate in The Nutcracker, and our Spring Performance. Costumes are provided, but undergarments, tights, and shoes are the responsibility of the dancer. Nutcracker tickets are available through the Playhouse on Rodney Square box office. Spring Performance tickets are available in our office. Other performance related merchandise may be offered for sale. Parents will be expected to provide a few volunteer hours each season at the studio or in the theater. Please join our Parents Guild!
  • We have a limited amount of merit and financial aid scholarships available to dancers. Please inquire by email. Dancers on financial aid scholarships will be expected to contribute volunteer community service hours to the studio. Dancers in levels DEFGH may be asked to become volunteer Teacher Trainees and assist resident faculty members with Preschool and Children's Division Classes, and Summer Camps.

Privacy Policy: Our online partner, Jackrabbit, provides secure online registration. We strive to keep your personal information private. When you register online with Jackrabbit you provide your name, your child’s name, e-mail address, credit card information, address, phone numbers, photo release, etc. We use this information to process your orders and to keep you updated with studio news. Jackrabbit accepts VISA, Mastercard, and E-Check. WB may also accept cash in person, and in some instances PayPal for certain tickets and merchandise.

dress CODE

  • NEW! We are working with the Brandywine Dance Shoppe to provide you with dress code items for purchase at our studio including: tights, shoes, leotards, and warm-up booties. Theses items should be available this August.
  • Girls in Levels Ballet A–H will wear black leotards, pink or flesh colored tights, pink or flesh colored ballet slippers (shoes and tights MUST match) and hair in a bun (unless too short). No jewelry. Leg warmers and sweaters may be worn in the winter. Long sleeve leotards are recommended for winter... cap sleeve or tank style for summer. Dancers in DEFGH may wear any color leotard on Fridays and Saturdays only. Girls en pointe in levels FGH may wear a short black ballet skirt in class.
  • Boys will wear black tights, a plain white t-shirt, and black ballet slippers. A dance belt undergarment may be required for dancers in DEFGH. Dancers in DEFGH may wear any solid color shirt on Fridays and Saturdays only.
  • Preschool ballet dancers may wear their favorite "dress-up" tutu or any color leotard and skirt to class or be in regular dress code. Tights and ballet slippers are required. We have many pairs of gently used shoes at our studio - please inquire!
  • All dancers: proper dance attire is required when arriving and departing the studio. This includes a change of shoes and clothes covering tights and leotards. Do not wear ballet class attire or shoes outside! Dancers over age 10 should wear deodorant. Hair in a clean bun or "up do" please. No jewelry. No junk.
  • Adults: comfortable fitness-wear and ballet or jazz slippers.


Studio Rules

ü Read the bulletin board and all emails you receive from us.

ü Know the schedules and be on time to class and rehearsals. Parents, please drop-off and pick-up your students in a timely manner. Any dancer late to class may be asked to sit and observe for their safety.

ü Don’t bring valuables to the studio! Please bring a friendly and positive attitude instead!

ü Dancers should consider Wilmington Ballet a “phone-free zone”. Phones must be silenced and stored in dance bags while at the studio. Phone/camera/video use is notpermitted in studios, bathrooms, or dressing rooms. Parents will be allowed to take pictures and videos during observation weeks only. Wifi is available for guest use. There are desks for quiet study.

ü Dancers should go to the bathroom beforeclass. Dancers younger than age six should have a parent accompany them to the bathroom. Young children must be accompanied by a parent.

ü Dancers must be neatly groomed for class with long hair secured and in dress code. Dancers over the age of 10 should wear deodorant. “Cover-ups” should be worn over dance attire outside the studio. WB “spirit wear” may be available for purchase throughout the year. Dress code items are on sale at the studio for your convenience.

ü Ask permission before entering an empty studio. Dancers must wait in the lobby or dressing room to be called into the studio by the teacher.

ü No food, gum, or beverages in the studios or dressing rooms. Water is allowed in the studios in closed containers only. Please store food items in the kitchen area. Refrigerators and microwaves are available for use. Please don’t bring snacks with nuts in them to the studio. Some concessions may be available for purchase in the office from time to time.

ü No unnecessary talking to other dancers during class. Raise your hand for the teacher’s permission to ask or answer a question. Keep your hands to yourself and respect other dancers’ personal space and belongings. Dancers must be kind to one another at all times… it is always possible to be kind. Respect your teachers and fellow dancers.

ü Do not hang on the barres; or touch the mirrors, sound equipment, thermostat, lights, clocks, windows, blinds, etc.

ü Ask permission to use rosin or first-aid supplies, and immediately report any injury, illness, conflict, or emergency situation to the staff/faculty. Sick dancers will not be permitted to attend class or rehearsals. 

ü Do not disturb other classes. Everyone please be quiet in the building. Dancers need to listen and concentrate.

ü All warm-up classes are considered manadatory before rehearsals. Parents, please report any illness, injury, or extended leave of absence to our staff.

ü Leave the building as clean as you found it. Pack in – pack out. Please check the lost and found.

ü Young students are not allowed to leave the premises without an adult. Please wait inside the building for your ride. Parents, please pick up your dancer right at our front door and not down the street. Older students must have the permission of their parents to leave the premises, and they must be in groups of three or more.